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“The wine merchant’s wine merchant”
Steven Spurrier, June 2010

Not heard of us before? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We have been referred to as the “wine trade’s best kept secret” on more than one occasion. A cliché yes, but also true. For seven decades now, since the British company was first established in London in 1938 by German emigré Dr. Otto Loeb, the small team that have formed OWLoeb & Co Ltd over the years has been dedicated to going out and finding great producers of classic wines – from the Grand Cru Gevreys of Charles and Eric Rousseau to the simple but delightful Picpoul de Pinet of Marc Cabrol. We then import them over subsequent years (often decades – we have been shipping Rousseau since the early 1960s) and quietly share them with fellow enthusiasts, be they private customers, restaurateurs, or other wine merchants.

Continuing in that vein we have decided not to sell via the internet. This is not a selling site, it is an information site. We are hoping that you are going to find it a useful, informative, sometimes amusing read, and that as a result you will feel motivated to contact us, either by phone (020 7234 0385) or e-mail (finewine@owloeb.com). We want you to use this site as your wine reference library, but if you want to buy our lovely wines please do ask to go on our mailing list (we send out e-mail offers as well as mailing printed offers and lists throughout the year). Please do not forget to tell us whether you are a

-Private Customer

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-Wine Merchant

The team that comprises Loeb in the 21st Century is still small (10 of us as I type), enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and dedicated to bringing you great wines, and putting a smile on your face. We are wholly independent, and entirely own ourselves (with quite a lot of help from the bank).

If you want really good, personalised advice from someone who knows and cares, if you want to find a small and friendly team with some of the world’s best wines at their disposal, you might just have stumbled across the right site for you! Oh and finally, as prime importers (as opposed to brokers) into the UK of some of the very best producers in Burgundy, the Mosel, the Rhône, and other regions, we do not wish to sell our wines beyond these shores. If you are an ex-pat looking to build up your UK cellar you are welcome, but we do not purposefully re-export our wines. Sorry.


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IWC Burgundy Wine Merchant of the Year 2002/3
IWC German Wine Merchant of the Year 2000/1
IWC German Wine Merchant of the Year 1996/7


“ I learned my Moselle at Dr Loeb's knee. All London used to vie for invitations to his annual tastings at Charing Cross. Am I the only survivor? No; thank goodness O.W.L. sails on, standards intact”

Hugh Johnson, wine writer